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Fresh from reporting on Ursine Arboreal habits we bring you this..

BBC NEWS | UK | Government 'squandering billions'

Billions of pounds are being wasted by government departments which have failed to learn the lessons of the past, a Commons committee has warned.
"Basic errors are repeated time and again," the Public Accounts Committee said, adding public services were marred by complexity and bureaucracy.
A 2% improvement in their spending could save 8bn a year, it argued


Sadly the only thing that surprises me about this is that someone in the BBC is dense enough to think "Government Squandering Billions" is a newsworthy story.

What next? "Shock! Horror! Dog Accused Of Barking!"

What it should read is "Tony Blair's Government Squandering Billions More Than Any Comparable Bunch of Twats"


You have to admit that (I'm saying you're right) what what you have said is pretty damn tragic, I worked very hard to make that money that the the Inland Revenue took off me to give to government departments to squander. Then everyone just shrugs their shoulders and says "yeh, what's news?"

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