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Which Class are you?

One of the more perplexing things about England for foreigners is understanding our class system - so to help them and any readers who are unsure of their place in society I have produced a simple quiz to help.

1) Do you let your dogs lick the plates?
a) Of Course
b) Yeuch, Dogs are so dirty we only have a cat.
c) Of Course

2) Bloodsports?
a) Good fun
b) Cruel and outdated
c) Good Fun

3) Your opinion of Europe?
a) Bloody Foreigners
b) Good idea and we simply love Tuscany
c) Bloody Foreigners

4) Do you get out off the bath to piss?
a) Why?
b) Yeuch - you are just being horrible now
c) Why?

5) How do you like your steak cooked?
a) Big and Bloody
b) With the fat cut off and lightly coated in delightful herbs
c) Big and Bloody

6) Do you ever worry you drink too much?
a) No and it is your round.
b) Well, I keep a diary of my units and I was ever so naughty one week and had 18 units.
c) No and it is your round.

The results:

Mostly As - You are Upper Class
Mostly Bs - You are Middle Class
Mostly Cs - I'm afraid you are working class.

How did you score?


I appear to be in a class of my own...


It's not just for breakfast, you know.

Well, I was sure to have a place in society...but I am not more....I think I'm only sure of the last answer, and that it's your round ;-)

Whosh'e round is it again? Roadkill, not just for breakfast either!

When I was last home in the U.K. my daddy let his doggy eat some of his lolly. My leetle darlings said... 'eeeeyuck.. he licks his balls!!!!' and my daddy replied in a vewy coochycoo doggy voice... 'noooo he doesn't.... he licks other doggies balls'.... so.. we must be ok then... laughing

I'm either at the top or the bottom of the heap (neither of which offends me as much as being lumped with the Blairs would). I wasn't quite sure how to answer Q1 though as I've often woken up with a mouth that tastes as though I've been licking the dog bowl.


I sent this to the source of all knowledge, my mother. She kindly took time out from gassing badgers to give her response. According to Ma Remittance we are rock solid A all the way back to before the Norman Conquest.

She does have a couple of comments though:

Answer 4a should read "If bathing alone, why?"

She also feels Q3 is redundant in the light of a correct answer to Q2


7) Is the glass half-full or half-empty?
a) Half-empty and it's your round
b) Half-full and no more, thank you; I have to get up early for my jog round the 'rec tomorrow
c) Half-empty and I'll just pop down the Social to get my 'Nash cheque, and then I'll get a round in for the whole pub.


As suspected, I'm overwhelmingly middle-class. Alas....

My ex husband would answer all A's and I would answer all B's; which is why I moved to a nice, clean middle class house in Florida, while he continues to wallow in his own filth in England. The children are on their way to stay with him for Christmas and a visit to the Swiss Alps: I expect, on return, they will have to be de-loused, as usual (albeit smiling and having had a great time.)

I love the A and C thing - perfect!

Uh oh, embarrassing back track. No. 2 - better put "reasonably down with it", so I guess that makes one A (or C - aye up...'appen...champion...er...)

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