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A land fit for Heroes

Telegraph | News | Fighter ace sells medals to spare wife long wait for hip replacement

One of the most decorated British fighter pilots of the Second World War has sold his medals, diaries and other memorabilia partly to pay for a hip replacement operation for his wife who faced at least a six-month wait on the National Health Service.
Sqn Ldr Neville Duke, 83, the Royal Air Force's top-scoring ace in the Mediterranean theatre who set a world air speed record of 728 mph in 1953, put the collection up for auction rather than subject his wife Gwen to months of pain and discomfort while she waited for an operation.

Scotsman.com News - Latest News - NHS trusts 'delaying operations'

Hospitals have been told to delay operations to reduce debts faced by primary care trusts,...

A letter leaked to the Times reveals hospitals within Harrow Primary Care Trust, which is reportedly facing an 8-12 million deficit, have been told to delay surgery.

The document, written by Dr Ken Walton, chairman of the trust's professional executive committee, tells GPs it has "reluctantly" asked hospitals to "do the minimum required to meet national targets".

It says: "This means that patients sent for outpatient appointments will only be seen at 10-13 weeks (national target 13 weeks) and elective surgery will be delayed until the sixth month (national target six months)."

In a statement, the trust defended its policy.

It said: "Harrow PCT is taking action to control its expenditure that will not affect the quality of care given to its patients.

"All patients in Harrow will be seen within national targets."

Similar practices are also reported to be taking place to save money at trusts elsewhere in the country.

Proud of the NHS? Proud of Britain? Proud of the Snodgrasses who think as long as "targets" are met that delays "will not affect the quality of care given to its patients"?


The second part of this post would simply have me reaching for the keys to the gun cabinet. When placed with the first I start looking for allies to form a revolutionary army.


That's terrible. And yet, here in the States, people are STILL lobbying for National Healthcare. Sometimes I feel like the only rational person in my entire country--guess you might feel the same way at times? :-)

Reading that I feel physically ill, fortunately not ill enough to require medical treatment.

Two further thing strike me:
"Harrow PCT is taking action to control its expenditure that will not affect the quality of care given to its patients."
How does this statement not get met with the simple response of liar!

And in the Telegraph:
"...security at the family home following three burglaries"

A land fit for heroes indeed

It's absolutely appalling the depths to which Bureaucratization has plummeted destroying a once trusted profession, and over here the Dhimmocrats are still bleating for "Universal Healthcare" - which obviously shown the results, becomes Un-Healthcare.

Hi, this rings bells with me. My father was Churchill's secret army (see my blog), he went on to physics and secret service; only one or two people that know about his real life in his mature years. Britain has forgotten that the war was won on intelligence, not on d-day!

Just a suggestion......

Maybe Harrow PCT could save money by firing all the useless f*****g jobsworths who infest their "management structures" like cockroaches.

They could perform a further service to the country by having the erstwhile paperclip counters publicly disembowelled on the playing fields of Harrow School. Any moron who can come up with comments like those above deserves nothing less.

As I say, just a suggestion.

The Remittance Man

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