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Reserve me the bed nearest the door

Telegraph | News | NHS may not treat smokers, drinkers or obese

"Self-inflicted" etc etc. Strangely these evil people have all paid vast sums of tax on their sins. Whereas the tax free sins; sporting injuries, tattoos, drugs and certain sexual practices, the NHS are happy to treat and outreach to....


So how does this tie in with the "librul" definition of obesity, addiction etc as "diseases".

Yet another example of the loopy left tying themselves in knots when faced with problems of their own creation.

At least we right-wing, fascist loons can be honestly heartless. I find it so much more refreshing.


Don't forget treating the genetic mutations and diseases that are rife amongst Asians who just can't get enough of their cousins.

And self-mutilation!

Sounds like an issue for the Human Rights lawyers to me. Over to you, Cherie...

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