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Telegraph | News | The Dambusters will soar again to same theme tune

Sir David Frost is to re-make the British classic The Dambusters, complete with the original Eric Coates music.

Why? Just Why?


Because the original, which is distressingly popular with the uneducated masses, doesn't portray the AOC Bomber Command as an evil mass murderer and the original cast didn't display enough remorse for causing so much death and destruction.

Oh and they've just GOT to do something about that bloody dog's name!

Expect historical revisionism on a scale that would make David Irving's efforts pale into insignificance.


The Dambusters is a great film and i hope to get it in DVD form for Christmas. Mind you I am a bit biased as my father flew them in 1944 and I had much pleasure in taking him to his old wartime base just recently.

I was very surprised to hear Sir David choose the theme music on Desert Island Discs but I think the film should be left alone. I guess they would have to use loads of computer graphics. The latter may be good but I still prefer the atmosphere which in my opinion only those post war black and white movies could create.

The big question is in a lo-salt fairtrade remake of this great film remain truthful to the original?
Will Guy Gibson's dog (a black lab) still be retain its really name ... 'Nigger'??
Just a thought

I think they question is whether the baddies will be German - it is an unhelpful attitude in these days of ever increasing European Unity - maybe we could make the dams be in a South American country powering a GM Cocaine plant belonging to an evil Multinational corporation, and of course there must be a few American fliers, hey why not make it a USAF squadron?

What part will Schwarzenneger play? And Stallone? Will they play bad-guys opposite James Bond who does the entire mission without a gun but with a martini?

the revised version will have Dam Busters as Americans flying B17s. There will be some British saying things like "Thank God for people like you Americans"

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