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I come not to praise...

BBC NEWS | Politics | Cameron to focus on environment

He will set up a policy group to look at "quality of life", focusing on the environment and reviving inner cities.
Former environment secretary John Gummer is expected to run the group ...Ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith is already looking at "social justice", while former chancellor Ken Clarke is to head a "democracy taskforce". ...Ecologist Zac Goldsmith is expected to work alongside Mr Gummer, meeting environmental groups to discuss policy proposals.

Oh no - my heart sinks, old old names and tired old ideas yet again.

The only ray of hope I have is that this is the classic management technique to send the old duffers off to write a report to keep them away from the real power, and maybe come up with some sexy soundbites that the BBC will like. And then I read a Speech at the Centre for Policy Studies he made which actually seems remarkably sensible, maybe there is hope after all?


Well David or David? Frost looks like a total prat for his re-make but Cameron appears in the speech to which you link, to undersatnd the problems - lets trust that he can climb over the obstacles and make it work.

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