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Time Gentlemen please

ONE of Britain’s leading surgeons has called on the government to introduce curbs on the sale of alcohol, limiting the amount that customers can consume per visit to a pub or bar.
John Smith, president of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, believes that such restrictions would be the logical next step to improving the nation’s health following the ban on smoking in public buildings.
“I think for a government to follow the American model of saying, for the benefit of each patron, we will provide three drinks only, would be very interesting to look at.”
“I realise that not everyone is likely to agree with this and there will be those who will claim it would be another example of the nanny state,” he said.

"A Nanny State" - the thought never even occurred to me! - I just thought when you and your colleagues have finally got your house in order and stopped killing off so many of the people in your care then maybe you might deserve to be given a platform to spout off your views. But at the moment you would be better employed with a mop and a gallon of Jeyes Fluid...

5000 deaths through bad NHS services

Almost five thousand deaths could be prevented each year if the country's worst managed hospitals achieved a small improvement in performance, according to a study.


A perfectly socialist idea. You get your drunk one bar at a time, and the business gets spread around. Three drinks here, stumble down the street, three more drinks, stumble down the street. Hell, I thought we learned the pub crawl here in Texas from you guys. Of course, I'm on a six drink crawl, rather than three. That would just mean I would get more exercise that way.

They really should look at the prohibition effect. If they really do put a three drink max in, you will see two things: people will drink more spirits, because they will get more bang for the drink, and bartenders will start doing more American style free-pours that end up giving you 3 or four ounces of liquor per "drink" than the 1.5 oz jigger you guys (rightfully) have decided on.

“I think for a government to follow the American model of saying, for the benefit of each patron, we will provide three drinks only...

Granted, I don't get out much anymore, but my curiousity is peaked: Where in America is this limit practiced as a matter of law or policy? I don't recall ever visiting a bar anywhere (at least anywhere in the lower 48) that announced a flat cap on the number of drinks a patron could consume on any one visit. If this is a state or local law somewhere, I hope one of my compatriots can tell me where it is in force (in hopes that I can avoid ever visiting such a wretched place).

Wow. We can prevent death now!

John Smith. Yes. But does he have a widget?

Yeah, I have no idea where he came up with that. I didn't even notice it the first time through. A bartender isn't supposed to serve a "dangerously" intoxicated person, but I thought it was the same way over there. Hell, most nightclubs have a two-drink MINIMUM. What are they supposed to say, "at least two drinks but not more than three?"

They put in limits on how much they sell at sports events. I think it is three beers per visit to the concession stand, and they stop selling during the last period of the game (or the 7th inning in baseball.) But that is the closest thing I can think of. And that just means that you make a trip every quarter/period or every other inning.

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