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"I don't know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me."

Scotsman.com News - UK - I was not bullied, says marine

A ROYAL Marine who was filmed being kicked in the face during a naked fist fight has insisted he was not the victim of bullying.
Ray Simmons, 23, of Letchworth, Hertfordshire, said the man who was seen in the video kicking him in the head was "a good mate".

Excellent! So that puts to rest another Bleeding Heart investigation into our armed forces, and shows the traditional calibre of our fighting men continues.


Very funny...I think it was meant to be...!!

What good are Marines who don't fight?

I was an American Marine; we - like our Brit brothers - have been known to brawl on occasion.

My whole platoon spent a Christmas Day confined to quarters after a brawl during the Christmas Eve party. Doesn't mean we won't fight and die for each other.

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