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No more pheasants for the peasants

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Politics Show | West: Fair game?

What are you planning to eat on Christmas Day? Turkey, duck - or perhaps something more unusual like pheasant, pigeon or rabbit?
If game is your thing, then make the most of it. Many dealers say they could be out of business by this time next year.
Game is big business in the West. It is estimated to bring in at least 15m annually. But that could be about to change.
It is all to do with new EU regulations on how the meat is caught and sold on.

For details see BASC
The Food Standards Agency as the Competent Authority within the UK has recognised that there are no records of food hygiene incidents resulting directly from the supply of game/venison by a shooter/stalker and that the game sector is historically a very low risk area.
...any business trading in game or venison will need H2 approval as a Meat Handling Establishment and will be required to operate at the standards currently applicable to premises licensed to export meat from the UK. This will include having an official veterinarian present during processing.
Any person who sells any quantity of game, of any kind, through a game dealer will be required to be trained. Such training will ensure that a competent person makes an assessment as to whether all game was behaving normally before being shot...


In the Australian race riots, why does the BBC describe Europeans as "Whites" and Arabs as "Youths of Middle Eastern Descent"?

It be more balanced to describe them as either:
a) "whites" and "browns"?
b) "Youths of Middle Eastern Descent" and "Youths of European Descent"?

Is this an example of Positive Discrimination or Positive Racism?

What I want to know is why in all sectors the EU and current government want to destroy small businesses.

As far as I can tell the government could on any issue such as this tell the EU to FO based on some simple regional tradition excuse.

So are these businesses destroyed because:
a) They're harder to tax than big business
b) Multinationals give better directorships
c) They offend control freaks
d) Cities are much neater if the shops are all the same

I think I will just continue to buy my game from the man who comes to the back door.

Somehow I don't imagine these rules will make very much difference to him. I certainly don't plan to ask him about them...

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