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Not Hunting this morning at The Castle

You may wish to compare this morning's photos of a Not Hunt meet with a meet of the Hunt at The Castle from when hunting was legal.






And now you have spotted the difference award yourself an extra mince pie as a prize.


I just got sent the news below, which I thought would entertain.

Forward to as many as poss.......................


The League Against Cruel Sports have launched an Emergency appeal to raise money for their Hunt Crimewatch Programme.

They state that they require much need funds to buy video cameras, handheld global positioning systems, walkie talkies etc, etc to monitor Hunting activity.

However they have made a fatal error.

Donations can be sent to a FREEPOST address.

This means that for each envelope they receive they will have to pick up the charge from Royal Mail.

So to make your Christmas a little better would you please send an empty envelope or Christmas Card to:

League Against Cruel Sports,
Freepost SE 5087,
SE1 1BR.

This idea has been supported by The Countryside Alliance.

Please forward this message.

Slight amendment to the idea for using the LACS Freepost adress.

It has been suggested that it would be best would be to fill an envelope with old magazines that weigh heavy and send that through instead!!!! It will cost LACS even more to pay for it, so get rid of all those old telephone directories and send them to LACS - they are so green they will probably even get them recycled.

I'm sending them a couple of old Yellow Pages and Argos catalogues, so hopefully the cost to the League will be just that little bit more.

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