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That Cameron Tory Policy in Full

Imagine a long narrow beach, evenly crowded with holiday makers. Two ice-cream sellers decide to set up stalls. The ice-cream is the same and the price is the same, everyone on the beach is going to buy one ice cream that afternoon, they will simply buy the ice-cream from the nearest seller. So where do they set up stall?
If they set up equidistant from the ends and each other then the holiday makers have the least distance to walk and they both get half the business. But if our ice-cream seller on the right of the beach moves a bit to the left he then captures some of the other guy's customers. In the end the only stable strategy is for both of them to be in the middle of the beach with half the customers each and sod the poor sunbathers at the end of the beach who now have to walk further - they have nowhere else to go if they want an ice-cream.
And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the entire nu-Labour and Tory policy decision making process.

If you want to sound geeky just mutter The Hotelling-Downs Model of Spatial/Political Competition as you complain your views are ignored.


Except those yellow-bellied LibDems distort things a little now, which makes it all much more random...

The Lib Dems opted to set up their ice cream stall in Europe and were allocated a pitch in northern Finland.


I want to say someting cheeky about the "Lib Dems" too, but I'm not as clever as Edward. P.S. you turkeys, the MSM cartel is owned by 4 corporations who will never allow you to be heard. We are slaves. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

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