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Is my home my castle?

Wonko's World wonders who is telling porkies and why about Valuation Officer's rights.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Home valuing 'hides stealth tax'

Inspectors have been equipped with 2,126 digital cameras, costing £438,749.
Householders who refuse to let them in could be fined £500 and receive a criminal record.
In the written reply, Home Office minister Hazel Blears said: "A person who intentionally obstructs a valuation officer commits an offence and may be liable to a fine not exceeding level two (£500) on the standard scale."

The Times November 23, 2005

Sir, Contrary to the views of your correspondents (letters, Nov 21), staff of the Valuation Office Agency have no powers of internal inspection when valuing homes for council tax banding purposes.

Internal inspections are very rare and occur only when a taxpayer is appealing against their property’s banding. Even then, the householder has complete discretion to limit an inspection or refuse it altogether. It would also be extremely rare for photographs to be taken internally, and this would not be done without the owner’s express permission.

To suggest that officials have the right to enter homes, and to take photographs of private possessions is ill-informed scaremongering.

Scenic views or structural improvements will have a bearing on council tax banding only if they affect its overall value. This has been the case since council tax was introduced in 1993.

National Secretary,
Prospect union
London SE1

House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for 24 Nov 2005 (pt 22)

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister pursuant to the answer of 11 November 2005, Official Report, column 777W, on the Valuation Office Agency, what powers the Agency and its agents have to fine residents who refuse entry. [30665]
Mr. Woolas: None.

I have feeling that there is a lot of twisting here between what is the position now and what will be the position as soon as nu-Labour can sort it out.

I plan to welcome the Snodgrass in with the invitation that we won't mind him taking photos as long as he doesn't mind us taking photos of him, oh and a video as well as we are producing a little Art House movie tentatively entitled "Confessions of a Valuation Officer", meet Ingrid and Astrid who are starring, yes it is very hot, do take your tie off, yes they are very friendly....


Here in SA there is a school of thought that holds the only way to get an effective guard dog (ie one that chases anything even vaguely ethnic) is to have an Historically Disadvantaged South African abuse the puppy for several days. The theory being that the puppy will then develop Eugene Terre'Blanche's levels of racial sensitivity.

Now I'm not one to countenance cruelty to animals under any circumstances, but I must admit I'd be very tempted to hire an imitation Snodgrass in a cheap suit to give the Hounds of Remittance a few whacks with a clipboard if I lived in England.

Then when the real thing turned up on the doorstep I'd usher him inside with a welcoming smile (after getting him to sign an indemnity form first, of course).

"Puppies! Come and meet the nice Mr Snodgrass. He wants you to play him."

Oh, the chortles we would have, I'm sure.


What proposterous self serving officialdom.

Sir, If I may suggest a modest proposal, the yanks found the following most useful.

1. Throw the tea and the taxmen into the nearest harbor.

2. Load your blunderbuss.


The Yanks you're thinking of were the Yanks of yestercentury who actually had guts and backbone. Assuming that such a law as described in this thread existed in the US (I fear it's only a matter of time before it does in some state, somewhere; what starts on the eastern shore of the Pond doesn't usually take long to swim over to the western shore) the Yanks of today would open their doors in wide welcome while groveling "Oh, Please don't hurt me and mine!" and probably offer their wives/children as toys in exchange for vague promises of leniency (this of course after handing over anything resembling a weapon to the State's agents in exchange for cash/tax breaks, "amnesty", etc.).

The Bastaards will end up with blood on the floor if they get in my house. F*** em??


Wonder what yanks your talking about. Certainly not the ones currently kicking the shit out of the terrorists. Certainly not in my neck of the woods where about 25% of the people "carry". Our crime rate is very low--due to a lack of criminals.

It seems the guts went out of our european allies when it came time to defend principles. Next time you come up with another Hitler or Stalin--don't ask.

Thanks for this, mystery solved I think. Bet you a fiver there's a law in place by 2010 forcing us to let Valuation Nazi's into our houses.

Wonder what yanks your talking about. Certainly not the ones currently kicking the shit out of the terrorists.

Where would that be happening, Ray? Please don't insult our intelligence by responding "Iraq" or "Afghanistan"...

It seems the guts went out of our european allies when it came time to defend principles.

Again, what principles would these be? Maybe, if you're referring to the current War [sic] on Terror [sic], those "principles" they exercised included their rights as sovereign nations to look out for their own national interests, which (I know this is hard for most Americans to comprehend) don't necessarily coincide with those of Rome-on-the-Potomac. And yes, these principles are often "socialist", which I most certainly find abhorrent. However, that's the business of the Europeans, not the Americans.

Next time you come up with another Hitler or Stalin--don't ask.

Who needs be concerned with a Hitler or Stalin abroad when we have anarcho-tyranny at home that's evolving into the same thing?


To bad you weren't in Iraq today to watch the first free voting in their history. "That's the business of Europeans, not the Americans". This shows how language is constantly changing. In 1940 when Britian was on it's last legs--the last anyone would have said is "that's the business of Europeans--". Well, you might say, that was a long time ago--and yes history has a way of repeating itself.

But not to worry Chickenlibber, there are plenty of courageous Englishmen to make up for the guts that you are lacking. And when the shooting is over, and your ass is saved, you won't have the decency to thank them as you have just so aptly proven.

I guess one of two things has happened here: either I've mistaken this blog as one espousing libertarian principles (as proclaimed in its banner) or there's been a serious case of misrepresentation. I'm leaning toward the latter. That, or Ray's stumbled onto this site by mistake.


Your not a libertarian, your just an asshole that thinks it's a libertarian.

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