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Tim Worstall says it is December 10, 2005 as does A TANGLED WEB, The Daily Ablution makes it December 09, 2005...Have I slipped back a week through a space time warp, are there really a few more days to buy some Christmas presents? Can I put fifty quid on the horse that won yesterday's 3.45 race?
Or is it a sinister plot so that they have had to revert to a backup?


Aha, I'm glad it is not just me.

I thought my proxy server was doing something evil with caching. You never saw so many Ctrl-F5's being hit, in all your life!

Eek! Mr. S&M thinks today is the 9th as well.

Something spooky going on.

Typepad.com is now renamed titsup.com with interesting results for all those people who use it for blogs - see http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/12/16/typepad_titsup/

Of course you can put fifty quid on the 3:45 race winner. The odds are 1 to 100. For every pound you bet, you will recieve one penny.

I once did a similar thing after losing several races in Lima. I bet on all horses to win.

I lost.

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