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Woman power!

The Daily Record - NEWS - HAUNTED BY FEAR

NEARLY all young women are terrified of being attacked when they are out on Britain's streets.
More than nine in 10 fear a physical or verbal assault.
The Safety on the Streets study found that 95 per cent worried about being attacked.
Two in three women were so afraid of being attacked they did not feel safe walking around in daylight.
And just 16 per cent felt the countryside was a safe place to walk alone.
Most believed the police and the legal system were not doing enough to ensure their safety.
"Young women are taking precautions and doing their best to protect themselves but the law isn't doing enough to protect them.

I can't imagine life living as a rabbit, always afraid, hiding behind locked doors, depending on "the Law" as my only protection. Always clamouring for the State to provide for me and blaming society for the actions of evil individuals.

It came to mind as I read about a woman who now says: " I take control and responsibility for my life and I have the right, the courage, the discipline, and the expertise to stand my ground. "
That is real female empowerment - what about it sisters, here in the UK?




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