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Working this week?

So am I
The view from the office this morning
Image taken on 19/12/2005 9:59


How many trees have you planted today?

No trees today - apart from nearly being run down by Mrs FM on her horse, today I'm putting the bunny guards on as the darling little fluffy things are eating them as fast as I can plant them, must indicate a lead deficency in their diet.

Have you tried high velocity lead injections?

That looks a lot nicer than here, we've had rain and can expect more through Christmas, fortunately it's coming in off the Pacific instead of down from Alaska.

The view from your office is far better than the view from mine. Still, every cloud and all that, I'll bet the New Hottie from accounts doesn't sashay past your office dressed in a Santa's little helper mini every half hour.


Yup - it's the one thing I miss - though I did see Mrs FM yesterday! And my brother's 300 sheep....

As someone with the pretentions of being a gent (or more likely, fearful of Mr FM's wrath) I decided not to mention Mrs FM fair lady although I'm sure she is.

As to your brother's flock, weeeeelllll.... each to their own.


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