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Guns in Pubs

FREE MARKET FAIRY TALES: Devizes & District Miniature Rifle League gives the full story of our little league where we shoot .22 in indoor ranges at local pubs.

The BBC is coming to film it tomorrow as it is 100 years old, still preparing for a repeat of the South African Unpleasantness. I was down there tonight with my converted Lee Metford, slightly older than the league, and was pleased as Punch with my card.
We shoot in a Z fashion; top left two sighters - you can see me getting the windage right (left/right error) and then tackling the elevation. Next shot, and the first scoring shot, is in the top right target. Not quite there with one shot! (Breaking the black of the bull is what is needed to score.) And then middle, bottom left and a final shot in bottom right. I just hope the BBC don't film me trying to emulate it!


Hmmm :) Not bad shooting at all.

Have fun with the anniversary and the beeb. I shall raise a glass for you.

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