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Men's men

Leafing through the magazines as I have the obligatory after pub rest on the porcelain, I pick up the Saturday Times Magazine, article extolling Juicy Couture.

"let's just say that blokeishly handsome types tend to be Juicy connoisseurs (Mr Richie, Mr Martin and Mr Brody). I mention this merely to illustrate that men's men seem to like this kit"

Well obviously I'm not a man's man then as I have never lusted after "velour low-slung bottoms and teensy zippered Barbie like hoods" and those names. Mr Richie I recognise as a Mockney who bought a decent Wiltshire shooting estate with his wife the slapper - now I wouldn't be rude about him if an invite to a high bird day was on the table but with a mantelpiece bereft of an invite I can be. Twat. Mr Martin, I presume is the singer of angsty songs in a group I can't remember the name of but the CD drones on at every Dinner party, and isn't he walking out with some long necked small brained American actress? So that makes two "men's men" who are at the beck and call of their American Mistresses! And Mr Brody - who is he?brody - Google Image Search gives me no clues. Is it Adam, Adrien or Jed? Guessing by her other choices of "men's men" it is probably Jed.

So if I'm not a Man's man what am I?


A ladies' man? Not necessarily a terrible thing.

I always think a manís man sounds like obituary code for up hill gardening and a ladyís man for the sporty chap that plays away but I believe a Guy that marries a rich American is called Lad-interim.

You're a chav, you're a chav, you're a fahkin' chav!

*ducks, runs, hides*

I have been accused of being handsome under certain lighting conditions, though I might punch anybody's lights out if they call me "blokeish", but I'm afraid I haven't got a bloody clue what Juice Couture might be. Does it involve trousers covered in orange squash? Shirts decorated with the juice of cranberries? Please tell me so I can pour scorn with more effect.

As to being a "man's man" there can be only two interpretations. The first is a superior sort of servant (Jeeves was Bertie Wooster's man, Whittaker is Barry Beelzebub's man, etc). The other is some sort of pederast.

Now I don't have the brains to be a Jeeves and shirt lifting is definitely not my thing so I am not a man's man by either definition. Given my lack of success to date where the New Hottie from accounts is concerned I'm not scoring much on the ladies man front either (though I hope this is only temporary). At least I can console myself that I am my own man.


PS is Misty just engaging in playground games or have you done something to upset her?

Just playground games :) And getting my own back for Tim calling me a chav on my birthday ;)

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