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The Christmas number one

I may be a little out of touch with modern beat combos and so until I read about it I hadn't heard the Number One single -JCB by Nizlopi

The story behind the JCB Song is as touching as the song is memorable. Mr Concannon, who suffers from dyslexia, came downstairs one day a couple of years ago with writer's block, and asked his father what he should write about. "What about tractors?" came the reply.
Mr Concannon used to take his son out on his digger on days when he would give him "compassionate leave" from school bullies. Mr Parker said: "It reminded him of what it was like as a kid, sitting on his dad's toolbox thinking his dad was the coolest thing in the world.
"At first I thought it had no chance, the song was a bit of a joke, but it's always been our most popular song live. People just love it."
Mr Concannon snr, 51, said of his son: "He was victimised, made to feel stupid and ridiculed on a daily basis by both students and, more disturbingly, teachers.
"He had problems literally every day and to see him in tears was not uncommon. But he still achieved three A levels and a 2:1 degree in English, so he's had the last laugh. And now he's looking at being Christmas number one."


See - kids do want Dads who are heroes who protect them from the world. Dads who do real jobs like driving diggers. Real Dads.


it's a lovely video too


His Dad sounds totally irresponsible to me. A JCB digger is a very dangerous piece of equipment and no place for a child. I very much doubt if his Dad carried out a full Risk Assemnent followed by a detailed Method Statement. Did he inform his insurance company? I doubt it, and what about the Health and Safety Executive, were they kept informed. Far from being the "coolest thing in the world" let alone a "hero" Mr. Concannon Snr. should have been made an example of and his children removed from him into the safe care of the Local Authority until, through re-education, he realised that it is not the role of parents to act unilaterally where vulnerable children are concerned.

Just don't bother with the album, it's a bit crap.

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