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Secret snatched pictures from the Range

Never before have photographs from inside the local Rifle Range been made public... but with the BBC down there last night and MrFM promising a full report today I thought I would sneak a few blurry shots out in a pretence of it being interesting..


How do you know they're not going to do a hatchet job? Sure they might worm thier way in with tales of documenting ancient customs in rural shires, but then you'll end up on some expose of gun totin' mentalists running amok in our green and pleasant land.

"Tony Blair (PBUH) may have protected his grateful flock from the dangers of cigarette smoke, but here in darkest Wiltshire the knuckled dragging locals and transplanted cockneys threaten children with an even deadlier smoke. Gunsmoke."

Screw the camera distractions, did you shoot well?

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