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'Tis the season of Goodwill

I was a little sceptical of an email I recieved a week or so ago so I tried to look into it further - the sender now feels he is being hassled by the Rozzers for sending it so I won't use it now. However I did see this today:
Scotsman.com News - UK - Not much good will in Christmas cards from hunt lobby

The League Against Cruel Sports is currently running a money-raising drive for its Hunt Crimewatch Programme. The money will be used "to buy video cameras, hand-held global-positioning systems and walkie-talkies to monitor hunting activity".
The anti-hunt group purchased a Freepost address to make it easier for donors to send in the money.
But, as with all Freepost addresses, the host organisation has to pick up the postage charges for all mail sent to that address, with every envelope costing the recipient more than a first-class stamp. It costs £210 to set up a standard Freepost address, and the recipient then has to pay 39p for each piece of mail received.

The league spokeswoman said it was an offence to abuse the Freepost system and an offence to incite abuse of the system, both of which were being investigated.

In the meantime, the League Against Cruel Sports now has thousands of extra, and unexpected, Christmas cards with which to decorate its office.

What a shame, in the spirit of peace and goodwill to all men I will send them some money or something - that address again:


So if you support them send them something nice - don't be a meany and send them something heavy and useless as that is naughty and I am advising you against it.


On a purely hypothetical level, does anyone know if sending an envelope with a 1p piece in it would be deemed illegal? After all, it *is* a monetary contribution...

I alweays find it soooooo amusing the way these eco-terrorists (and other terrorists for that matter) rush to the law as soon as someone gets the teensiest bit nasty with them.

Personally, I feel that if they didn't conduct a proper risk assessment they deserve whatever comes their way.

My negotiations with the local postmaster, Luckyboy Matwetwe, continue and I am confident that I will be able to persuade him that it is perfectly normal to post a full sized african elephant to someone at christmas and that Freepost is the correct way to do it.


Is there a way to send Freepost mail internationally? I feel a need to make a donation, or at least wish them well.

I've got a couple of pence left over from Holiday in London a few years back, can I send this along with a 2kg fruitcake and they will have to pay the postage from here in the States?

I think a couple of pence is a good idea to help them out - I can't find out what happens to oversize or non UK originating items, but what the hell try them anyway! What have you got to lose?


Such niggardly contributions. I suggest a fund that will send each of them a set of antlers that they can place on their heads while they wonder amongst the wildlife. This will show their love for all that is natural and let each of us have additional sport.

But the post office constantly warns us not to send cash in the mail (because their employees nick it). Far better to send a cheque or postal order to the value of the intended donation.

And to those who don't have an account in the name of M Mouse, shame on you. Every serious prankster should have one.


Those hunt supporters are awful people!…. I shall send those nice people at The League Against Cruel Sports my condolences immediately……………free post of course.

Ha, Ha.

You sad bunch of losers! You like to portray yourselves as the law-abiding guardians of the countryside but really only believe in the law when it is made to suit the toffs and their forlock tugging peasant toadies. Your feeble plot has backfired nicely and I look forward to you getting the sack for stealing time and resources from your employers in pursuit of illegal activities. So, you'll have to get used to losing you blood-perverts.

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