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Please help!

Dearly Beloved, I haven't asked much of you over the last year as I have served up a daily diet of tosh and vitriol. But today I am asking a small favour - please visit, or if you have a blog please link to this excellent website my brother has created. I think the name says it all.
Adopt a Sheep For Meat


Have a look at your brother's site. I don't know if he's a member of the National Scrapie Plan, but if he is, it would be worth mentioning. It would show that his flock is a genetically disease-resistant strain.

Excellent Idea Sir,

However; it is not new, and resembles my organization, "Bonding With Beef" that actually allows the carnivore to name his new cow friend, visit once in a while, provide special gifts like vitamins to improve taste and share a "going away party" when the meat tone and texture is just right.

Your brother is certainly on the right track and my best wishes for him and his flock this very merry evening.

Close The Patent Office!

It now appears that everything has been thought of before. I am now told that the Chinese have pioneered your brother's marvelous concept. They enjoy the tasty morsel of one year old dog, and accomplish this every Chinese New Year by buying a new pet for the family, feeding it chow for one year and as the New Year approaches, the dog chow becomes real dog chow. Hence the Chinese term, chou chou. Those that fail to accomplish this are known to visit the local dog pound, looking for the succulent morsel.

A bit of caution for your brother, I am told that if he allows the naming of sheep, the society for prevention of cruelty to animals frowns on names like "sweetheart" or "dearest".

Happy Holidays!

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