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Happy Christmas

xmas at the castle.jpg
The fire is lit, the stockings up, the presents piled around the tree and Rudolf's carrot and Santa's biscuit and glass of Sherry stand ready.
Have a Merry Christmas and Great New Year.


..AND a very Merry Christmas from all at A TANGLED WEB!

Happy Christmas to you as well.

Mmmm, good merry-sherry Christmas!

Lovely picture!

Oh, and I'm stealing Rudolph's carrot! It's MINE!

Merry Christmas to all at the Castle.

To all at the 'Castle' and visiting here

Have a very Merry Christmas

And a Very Merry Christmas and all best festive wishes to you all too!

from me, and a small dog who just nicked the biscuit.

Merry Christmas to the Englishman Family.

Hugs and kisses for wife and kids from us Yanks, please.

All our best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all at the "Castle"!

Merry Christmas!

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