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Spluttering into my port

I was admiring my large scoop of Stilton, as it tried to run off the plate, and wondering if anything more idiotic than the label that was on the original packet extisted - "Best before Nov 12 - keep Refrigerated - eat within three days of opening" - when I came across this:
Tim Worstall

The FSA said it was eager to reach a voluntary agreement with the Stilton makers but warned that mandatory limits were possible.
"We are responsible for finding a way of reducing the nation's salt and we have a target of six grams a day by 2010," a spokesman said.

Unfuckingbelievable - a glory of English Cuisine and the Snodgrasses want to ruin it on some crackpot theory whereas they should be out hanging the idiots who vacuum pack it and ruin it that way.


Tell the FSA to sod off. The French would never tolerate any of this nonsense with their cheese.

Welcome to fun-free Britain, regulated by New Labour Nannies.

The vacuum packers and super markets would love this as the bacteria in real Stilton scares them silly.

A reduced salt, inactive Stilton with evenly spaced blue veins would be viewed as ideal in the above circles, and in a generation the real food would be forgotten.

Got to go and relax as this news just raised my blood preasure more than any amount of salt, sodium or whatever.

I assume you mean "run" as in "flow" not "run" as in "develop legs and move quickly".

I've tasted a few Stiltons like the latter...

I predict a whole new revolutionary movement developing. The Nigella Liberation Army or some such. Small, secretive groups of daring, culinary commandos making covert stiltons and making their own jam in cellars. Pigs and chickens will be reared in sheds hidden far from any road. Squads of furtive distributors will smuggle produce around countryside hidden in bicycle tires and suchlike ever on the lookout for patrols from Sturmabteilung Foodsafety.

Actually, sounds as if it could be quite good fun. Shades of Secret Army and those black and white movies about the SOE. I mght even come back to the UK and join up. In the meantime I shall endeavour to secure supplies of honest foodstuffs here in the colonies and prepare some smuggling pipelines.


PS can you e-mail stilton?

Wish you could email Stilton RM because that's what it will probably come to, although I must admit listening in for instructions on the hidden receiver could bring the fun back to meal times.

Just heard that the reason you can't buy Brazil Nuts in their shells is due to an eu directive requiring testing of the shells for a possible carcinogen! Wasn't planning on eating the shells my self but...

Ah, but Chris, tyhe eu must protect all of us. Thus just as the convoy must travel at the speed of the slowest ship, regulations need to protect the dumbest citizen.

Personally, I a great believer in Darwinism. If someone's stupid enough to die because they ate brazil nut shells (and they're probably only carcinogenic if you eat ten pounds or more) they deserve to die and improve the gene pool.


Messing with my cheese really takes the biscuit.

My Stilton package had an allergy warning: "Contains Milk"...


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