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Your local tax money going down the pan.

Nappy Project Attracts Funds (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has scooped 100,000 in grants for its real nappy project.
The project aims to get parents to use reusable nappies on their babies rather than disposable nappies.

And this is six months after the Environment Agency
showed there was no environmental benefit to using "Real Nappies". Yet again it is our tax money being wasted just to encourage lentil-chewing whey-faced lumpen earth-mothers to leave stinking buckets of Tabithina's shit around their filthy kitchens along side the Peruvian Tofu baskets and their mangy familiar cats.


Oh come on Englishman!!!!

When did logic ever pass through the minds of most of these bunny & tree huggers....

They are not accessable to reason, the just chant their mantras about saving the earth, guinea pigs etc & hate the rest of us for daring to disagree with them!!!!

Yeah, and every yummy mummy in Wiltshire is going to spend a coupe of hours a day washing crappy nappies? Gigantic waste of effort and money.

Of course the failure will do two things: add yet more unfirable jobsworths to Mr Blah's army and give them motivation to ban disposable nappies.



Tut tut! You got it wrong! It is being run by the Wiltshire WILDLIFE Trust so it is actually real nappies for fluffy little bunnie wunnies, not sprawn of Earth Mom....

The really amusing thing is that your "Naked Capitalism" has picked up the keywords from this story and is advertising shaped reusable nappies at me :)

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