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End of the year roundup

So the end of another year and my best wishes to all of you for 2006.
It is customary to do a full and serious roundup of the year's events, so thinking back through 2005 what do I remember?
Suzi Quatro being chased by my goose, I'm sure there was other stuff but after a good lunch with Mr FM and Mr Watton and respective wives, ageing relatives and young children all causing chaos in the local Pub, having been there for the Hunt Meet that is all I can remember, so let me leave you with that mental picture of 2005 - Mr Englishman's Goose chasing Suzi Quatro!
Cheers, have a good one.


A Happy New Year to you, and all at the Castle!


The "48 Flash" girl?

When was she there, and why wasn't I notified?

Your geese never chased me -- possibly because I snarled at them, and they went away quietly.

48 "Crash" - yup the very same!
On an unrelated occassion a woman introduced herself to me as "Dee-dee" - what, not Dee-dee from the original Pan's People? Yep, thirty years on my dreams are coming true...
And I also discovered the original master recordings of David Bowie's Changes, quite a retro year for me.

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