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A lesson "Dave" should learn from the Awful Gordon

Conservative Party - Article
Cameron: "I've always thought that when it comes to Black Wednesday, there are two types of politician - those who learnt the lesson and realised we should never give up control over interest rates, and those who failed to learn that lesson, campaigned for the euro and still insist it's a matter of when, not if, we should join."

Dave, mate, as I believe I am instructed to address you, there is actually a THIRD type as well, one who realised it is better to hand over the control of interest rates to NON-politicians....maybe someone can explain to you over a your ciabatta soup that there are somethings Politicians shouldn't control, actually there are an awful lot but hey, that is an old fashioned Conservative view not nu-Tory.


Well said. Its actually the best argument against Gordon Brown, because he doesn't want to give up control over anything.

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