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Dave Cameron's Schooldays Chapter Three

"Get off you rotter, "squealed Simpkins of the Fourth Form. "Ouch, I haven't got any more sweets, Fatty Brown has already stolen them all. But I'm going to work really hard in the holidays and earn some money and spend it all in the tuck shop when I get back to school and I will let you have some sweets then.."

"Ah, but then I will be Headboy", snarled Cameron, "No more Nicey-nicey Tony and his two henchmen Fatty and Even Fattier. I will run the six form then! And if your tuckbox increases in size then we "share the proceeds of growth" between my friends and if you are really nice to me, Oh Peachy Bum, then I might let you have a few Gob Stoppers, not you let me have some. Now Simpkins run away, and get back to fagging, my top hat needs a damn good brush.
Come on chaps, I have heard that the scruffy Gardener's Boy, Goldorf or some other stupid Bog-trotter name, has a few postcards from Africa, got naked darkies on them, think I better confiscate them, fnarr fnarr...


Sounds like Cameron deserves to have his head flushed a few times.


But does Cameron get rogered - or gordoned?

Is it Cameron major or Cameron minor?


How pathetic and unamusing....
could you tell us how you would do a better job as a member of parliament?

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