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New Year's resolution

Drink more Claret.
For the last few years I have been tempted by the cheap reliable New World Shirazes and Merlots. But at Christmas I went back to try some of the new crop of Clarets, better priced and better made thanks to the competition. Wonderful. So less of the perfect airbrushed Brazilian-waxed, blonde bimbo Australian wines, reliable and lovely everytime but boring! - no this year let us drink dangerously, take another look at that MILF in the corner of the bar, she may have been round the block once or twice and share the bath with the Labrador but when she puts out she doesn't hold back.
More Camilla, less Diana in the cellar will be my motto. Cheers!


Aha! Another convert to the mysterious allure of slightly older european ladies.

Unfortunately given my location I'm more or less stuck with the good old faithful Boere Vrouens. Then again, even plaas tannies can be pleasantly satisfying sometimes.


What? Cheese-eating surrender juice? You cannot be serious.

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