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'Miraculous' rescue for US miners

BBC NEWS | News Front Page

Twelve men trapped underground after an explosion in a US mine on Monday are found alive.

Good news.

UPDATE - Sorry, as you know now the story was sadly wrong - it seems only one survived and he is in bad shape. I checked a couple of sources and waited for the BBC to put up a full story rather than a headline before posting. But it seems it was all based on overheard phonecalls rather than a confirmed statement. The blame is being passed around by the MSM.

Michelle Malkin pointed out how " The shameless Blame Bush nuts are already starting in" - "But they voted for him...West Virginia went for the guy by a nine point margin if I am not mistaken. I also know that the town where the accident took place went for him by over 70%. ,...You vote for this guy knowing very well that you may loose your job or even your life..well tough luck..you yourselves are to blame!" -"Now let's have a bunch of nice funerals, heavy on the bunting, and be done with it shall we."

I wonder how they will respond now


There are any number of reasons why explosions happen in coal mines. To date industry experts have usually attributed this to concentrations of methane gas or coal dust meeting some sort of ignition (usually a spark from elecrtical machinery). Apparently we were wrong and the massive amounts of time, money and effort we in the mining industry have spent trying to prevent these occurences has been wasted.

In fact disaster prevention is quite simple; Vote Democrat and you can walk down a methane saturated haulage happily lighting matches and puffing on a cigarette. Sod all the expensive intrinsic safety devices and armoured cabling we have to put on electric machinery; Vote Dem and you can use a few bits of bare cable held together with gaff tape. If only they'dd voted for Kerry my shares in Stuff The Globe Coal Mining Inc would be worth double what they are under Bush.

These phuquewits can make me almost homicidal sometimes. I thought stupidity and lack of compassion were supposed to be the monopoly of us right wing loons. Apparently not.


Looks like the first reports were a bit premature. The BBC now says only one guy got out alive. It seems like the first reports were garbled because rescue workers found evidence that 12 had survived the initial fire/blast.

Unfortunately escaping a blast and surviving the consequent clouds of gas etc. are not necessarily the same thing especially underground.

Time for this miner to get reflective.


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