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JFK assassination - the truth!

Telegraph | News | Did the Cubans assassinate Kennedy?

The Cuban secret service was behind the assassination of President John F Kennedy, according to evidence presented in a new television documentary....

Oh not another theory - I have never taken much interest but strangely I was sent a link to New Version of the Zapruder Film yesterday. Slow to load, but it seems quite clear where the headshot appears to come from.

It was Jackie! - she has a small silver large-calibre Derringer in her hand, JFK turns and looks at it as the first shot fires, she shoots him in the temple, the gun jumps from her hand and skids across the trunk of the Limo, she dives out of her seat and sprawls back across the trunk to retrieve it and stows it in her handbag before acting the caring widow. I'm surprised no one has realised this before; I'm off to write the book and TV show.......


Quite what is the fascination with JFK? He was the son of a bigotted old gangster turned politician. He was responsible for getting the US tangled up in Vietnam, presided over the Bay of Pigs fiasco and was hardly an example of moral rectitude. Even his much vaunted civil rights legislation was driven by his brother, who himself was turning into a bit of a leftie fruitcake before he got offed.

On the plus side he had nice teeth and an attractive wife. Nope, can't see it myself.

But if it helps to stop all these bloody "Who Shot JFK" documentaries I'll put my hand up. OK, I was born a few years after that day in Texas, but it's no more implausible than some of the conspiracies floating around.


So Jackie-O was a Fembot?

It really is a trippy-looking piece of footage.

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