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Farm Crime

Telegraph | News | Car thief killed farmer after early release from jail

The family of a farmer who was run down and killed as he tried to stop two gipsy brothers stealing his Land Rover yesterday demanded to know why one of them had been let out of prison early following a spate of identical crimes.

Mr Boffey's brother, Roy, 67, said: "The fact that one of them was on licence when they did this to Michael just sums up what is wrong with this country.

"It's what happens if you are soft on these people - they harm ordinary law-abiding citizens."

.... Yesterday it emerged that Squires and his brother Fred, 24, who had dropped him off at the farm, had made a career out of stealing from farms.

Both were jailed in 2003 for a robbery in which Ashley Squires drove a van at a farmer. His brother got two years and he was sentenced to three and a half years.

But Ashley Squires's release on licence after 19 months meant he was free to kill Mr Boffey...

Noticing the keys in the ignition of Mr Boffey's Land Rover, they parked nearby before Ashley Squires walked back to steal the car.

He attempted to run down Christine Russell, a farm worker, before hitting Mr Boffey, a father of three.

Ashley Squires admitted manslaughter and his brother admitted conspiracy to steal and assisting an offender. The pair, who have no fixed address, will be sentenced on Monday.

Yesterday their grandmother, Lena, said they were "good boys". She said Mr Boffey's death "was just one of those things".

Sounds like a murder and two attempted murders to me, but hey what do I know? 19 months for the previous attempted murder so what will he get for this "manslaughter"?


"was just one of those things" I wonder if she'd be so laid back if the farmer had shot and killed her grandson!!

Bring Back Hanging

'good boys'? Murdering, theiving thugs more like. 19 months for attempting one of the worst crimes is a travesty.

That's no kind of sentencing. 19 months is too short, still short enough to keep the "poor-me" grievance fires burning - not long enough under the cold-water to dampen any stupid thieving bad-guy ideas. Among the 1-percenters there's 100-percent recidivism and no rehabilitation anyhow, so to there should be no getting out.

The advantage of the death penalty for this sort, is that they usually don't repeat the crime.

I've been looking out for these cases for a while.

The manslaughter law in England is an absolute disgrace. The case you mention isn't even the worst example TODAY. Check this out:


.. And the gang who killed the gay man in London? 'Manslaughterers', the lot of 'em. (It was comic the way ITN news couldn't get their jaws around this. They referred to the victim as being 'murdered', whereas of course he wasn't. The people who repeatedly kicked him in the head whilst he was on the ground only 'manslaughtered' him).

this is all extremely worrying in the light of the Gov's plans to change the murder law to a US-type system of 'degrees'.

superficially, this might be good as more people get 'murder' (juries being more willing to convict). but, on the other hand, the whole point about 'degrees' is that there is no mandatory sentence. you can sentence to life for manslaughter now.

so we need to look at how this discretion is actually used.

The worst example is well known - the man who chopped up his wife, put her in the freezer and fled the country got 2 years for MS. (At least the CPS are appealing this disgrace).

It's surprising how often men who kill their wives are not murderers..

Keep an eye out. Before long, you'll be utterly digusted. In effect, we have an 'honour-killing' defence. There was international outrage recently over the Jordanian parliament's refusal to ratify a law which made wife-killing 'murder'. The petty sentences (eg, 'two months') so scandalous when handed out in jordan are more or less the same as what men actually serve here. The only difference is that this is openly part of the legal system in sharia countries and covertly here.

Further point: once again there is outrage over a killer who was released early. Do you remember the last one? The guy who was obsessed with Jewels and Wealth? Not mentioned anywhere, but much more outrageous, was the verdict on his accomplice: manslaughter. (There's supposed to be a rule about 'going in contemplation of violence' which had two results - if you took a gun to a bank robbery and somebody died, you couldn't then claim you didn't mean to use it. it also meant that the unlawful killing charge could apply to the one who didn't happen to pull the trigger, or carry the gun. these principles both seem to be frequently abandoned. if two people do things together, it should ALWAYS be more serious, never less, as it is conspiracy.)

LAST POINT - there's a simple solution for all this: The Ape's law, "manslaughter should always be sentenced as murder if there are previous convictions for violence, or proof of previous violence against the victim."

It's absolutely disgusting. As someone else has already pointed out, hanging might not be such a bad idea. Perhaps when they are released in six years time we will have got capital punishment back in, so that their next victim can have real justice.

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