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Failure is the norm

I have just finished reading the excellent Paul Ormerond's book 'Why Most Things Fail'.
One snippet stood out - In the book he argues that Companies, policies, initiatives etc fail more often than we realise and that the process is hard to predict - read the book for the full argument, needless to say the Market mechanism and constant innovation are the answer.
As a side issue it is how we deal with failure that is important - we know how slow Governments are to recognise failure and act. Coca Cola made a bit of a hash of it when they introduced "New Coke" - Huge investment in research, money and prestige, but they got it wrong. New Coke introduced 23rd April 1985 - withdrawn and Old Coke back 11th July 1985. That is the speed the Market makes things happen.


One only has to look at my continued lack of success with the New Hottie from Accounts to know this is true.


Coca Cola did at least learn from their mistake as they dealt with the Dasani disaster reasonably promptly....

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