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Icons of England - time to vote!

FIRST it was John Major’s vision of a Britain of “long shadows on county grounds, warm beer and invincible green suburbs”. Then new Labour tried to rebrand the country as cool Britannia, promoting the merits of Blur and Britart.
Now the government is funding a list of national icons that some hope could save England from the “white van man” image of a St George’s flag stuck to the inside of a vehicle window.

The Icons Online project, which will choose items after votes from the public, will be launched tomorrow by David Lammy, the culture minister.

The symbols will focus on England rather than Britain because of a belief that the country has lost out in terms of identity in recent years to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Sunday Times


Alice in Wonderland
Angel of the North
Cup of tea
SS Empire Windrush
FA Cup
Henry VIII by Hans Holbein
King James Bible
Punch and Judy
Routemaster bus

We must be able to do better than those!



Alice in Wonderland - Soon to be a major hollywood movie, with alternate ending and mild peril?
Angel of the North - Paints not dry yet
Cup of tea - Unavailable anywhere
SS Empire Windrush - How inclusive, how about SS Great Britain oops wrong country.
FA Cup - surely thats the skycocacolacarlingbarcycard cup
Henry VIII by Hans Holbein - Holbein was...er German
King James Bible - Not very inclusive
Punch and Judy - Hardly Shakespeare
Routemaster bus - Thought they'd just been killed off
Stonehenge - Needs a new anti-druid security fence

I've come up with a list at my blog - http://www.di2.nu/blog.htm?20060108a

Magna Carta



Er... Fish 'n' chips?

Erm... That's it for now. I need sleep.

What a con. The relaunch is nothing but a makeover and removing the English icons in favour of British ones. I mean, SS Empire Windrush? England never had an empire ffs.

Anyway, the nominations link is still there so lets get St George back in the top 3.

HMS Victory
Hurricane and Spitfire
Flying Scotsman
Windsor Castle
Geoffrey Household's novels
The Lord of The Rings
Peter Simple's Daily Telegraph Column
Canterbury Cathedral
Brompton Oratory
River at Tewkesbury
Queen's Hotel, Cheltenham
Selsey village
Roman Walls at Chicheter
Count Tolstoy's "The Coming of the King'
Dan Dare
City-class cruiser
Tower Bridge
London Clubs
London livery companies
Buckler's Hard ad the Bealieu river

Here are a few more:

The judgements of Lord Denning;
Boswell's Life of Dr Johnson;
The Screwtape Letters;
Britian's lead soldiers;
Hornby trains;
Triang 1:1200 scale model ships;
Dinky and Matchbox toys;
Dover Castle;
The Vickers gun;
The works of Beatrix Potter;
Rupert Bear;
Carry On films;
The Quatermass series;
Dr Who (old series)
The works of Evelyn Waugh
Turner's sea paintings
The works of Rosemary Sutcliff, Mary Stewart and Dorothy Sayers;
Giles cartoons
Jak cartoons
The Ermine Street Guard

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