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More on that Icons of England site

The main site is broken - or at least not launched yet - hey it was only a million pound website - but you can sneak in the back door via Icon Nominations - Icons of England - funny how they have 184 nominations before it opens!
Get in early - vote early vote often.

My nomination - I wonder if they will publish it?

Fox Hunting

Fox hunting is the traditional sport of England - as well as being the cause of the preservation of much of the green and pleasant land and its wildlife, it also gave us the riding attire which has developed into the suit and tie which has been a major English influence on the world!


The Telegraph Leader today has a few more suggestions at


To which I'd add the principle that an Englishman's home is indeed his castle.


I think the SMLE is an icon of England, and the Tommy's helmet, and so how about Bisley? And if Bisley then Brands Hatch, and if that then Brooklands and definitely a Blower Bentley.
WTF kind of dhimmitude is "Arabic Words in the English Language" (144 of 184 nominations) doing on the list? I vote no on that.

This morning (10th January) I nominated two icons, fox hunting and conkers in the full knowledge that they are considered politically incorrect by the NuLabour neo-fascist regime. I have received acknowledgements to these nominations. which show them to be subject to government approval.

"Our moderators will now consider it for inclusion and you will be notified by email if it is accepted (provided you requested to be informed)." NB I did so request.

It will be interesting to see if they are allowed. I believe that this whole exercise is no more than government propaganda. The final results will be falsified according to No. 10 diktat.

I have just posted a comment as 'Harry' about nominating two icons on the government propaganda site and to my surprise I see that it appears as being attributed to "-keith in mtn." Who is he and how does he become the author of my comment?

Harry at triplet

Harry/Keith's caustic comment regarding arabic words in English is well placed. English, although based on Anglo-saxon, has a rather kleptomaniacal approach to other people's vocabulary making any complete English dictionary very much fatter than any other.

If we are to celebrate foreign words in English then let's not confine ourselves to the camel drivers. What about the French, Norwegians, Celts, Indians (red and east), greeks, romans etc? In fact I would hazard a guess that if we were to name every tongue that had contributed to the English language, the website in question would be overloaded...Now there's an idea for a jolly jape.

As to the SMLE being an icon, sure, provided it's the Mk3 with the really nasty bayonet, not the Mk4 with that silly 6" nail on the end.


16.20 and there is no sign of either of my nominations. As I suspected the site is being manipulated fraudulently to produce a pre-destined result. England the way that Tony and his cronies would like to see it - emasculated, marginalised and punished for not voting NuLabour.

See, this whole fuss about a 'new' website bothers me; I got an email from a friend asking me to vote for Winnie the Pooh (which appears to not be tehre any more) back in October.

I'm guessing this must be the 'formal launch'. And or it was a slow news day in some press office.

Winnie the Pooh is back or at least the illustrations and fox hunting's there as well (score one for Tim). I'm trying to get the imperial measuring system added now.

By my estimate only around 10% of the icons are the sort that might excite NuLabourites. Just shows us Anglos for the bunch of tradition obsessed stick in the muds we are. Tony won't be happy - so I am.

Vote early, vote often.


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