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People's Committees to control police

BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair to unveil 'respect' plans

...scrutiny committees whose work would be triggered by "community calls to action", would work in a similar way to Parliament's select

The police and other agencies would have a duty to respond to the committees' findings.

Mr Blair set up a "respect" task force last year and the plans are the first real fruits of its work.

And exclusively I can bring you a picture of one of the first People's Committees meeting with Mr Blair.


And beyond satire the other "fruit" of the review is the official Nanny State plan....

A "national parenting academy", to train social workers, clinical psychologists, community safety officers and youth justice workers about advising parents, is another part of the action plan.


Mankind has managed to raise children with reasonable success for what? Eight thousand years? In fact, one could say that the problems only really began around sixty years ago. Amazingly is the same time that the nanny state started intruding into the lives of the British people.

Now the scientist in me says that there may be a link beyond mere coincidence in this two factettes. Maybe someone needs to do some research before spending a vast amount of money on this social worker boondoggle.

Just a thought.


I agree

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