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Education, Educashon, Edducashun

A TANGLED WEB reported:

David Cameron was proposing to ensure that our secondary level education system continued dumbed down - as meritocracy was prohibited. But Dave has been a busy boy today. He has subsequently decided that student fees should be maintained in our increasingly worthless Universities and that student numbers should be without limit. So, that's tertiary Education screwed as well. Hurray! Would the last person leaving the country please turn out the light? This is truly appalling stuff - all aimed at currying favourable headlines from the MSM as the Conservative Party is driven ever leftwards....


I am totally disgusted with his comments on education, "dogs in mangers" spring to mind. Glad his parents could pay for him, pity about the rest of us though. Still he's in clover. My vote will not be for him, the sleazebag!

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