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A Defence Cut Too Far!

EU Referendum
has done sterling work in highlighting the daft and dangerous policy of buying our defensive equipment from Johnny Foreigner but a reader reminds me that it is not only bombs and bullets we are going to rely on the French for...

Times Online

FOR centuries the cavalry, in both fighting and ceremonial roles, has relied on one company to supply steel swords.

Now, after a unique relationship with the British Armed Forces dating back to 1772, Wilkinson Sword is to close the plant where 14 craftsmen make swords worth up to 1,000 each. The demand for high-quality swords is not what it was, and the company, better known for its razors, can no longer keep this side of its business going.

Future generations of cavalrymen will probably have to rely for their ceremonial swords on companies that outsource some components from China and India..


If only there was a requirement for gentlemen to carry a sword at all times the government could solve two problems at no expense.

A necessary defence industry would be sustained and the frequent striking of righteous blows on the heads of chavs and other rodent-like miscreants would doubtless reduce the rate of crime.


I couldn't agree with you more RM, I keep looking at this site:- http://www.coldsteel.com/92bx.html & keep wondering if I shouldn't try to import a few items.

Sadly, I suspect HM Customs & Excise, sorry HM Revenue & Customs, will impound the lot & give me several years inside one of HM's hotels!!!!

RM's jolly good idea would also give me the chance to give up the day job, and put my fees up.


Personally I prefer


Nasty blade and a very effective knuckle duster around the handle should the scrote of the moment unaccountably avoid the sharp bits.


components from China and India.. That is just so-wrong...

Download Cold Steel's on line catalog RM. Sadly, never as good as a paper one, (the painful death of a tree enhances ones enjoyment).

They also sell a boar spear,$89.99 plus shipping & I suspect import duty, VAT & anything else the government can extort from us. Now sadly, essential kit for those living on the edges of Dartmoor, as I doubt the police will give permits for high powered rifles....

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