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Tiger vs Goblin

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Zoo tiger kills SA crime suspect

A criminal suspect on the run ended up being mauled to death by a caged tiger, South African police say.
The man took refuge in the Bengal tiger's cage at the Bloemfontein Zoo. A visitor to the zoo on Sunday noticed a body covered in bite marks in the cage.
"The man was involved in a robbery and was chased by security guards," police spokeswoman Elsa Gerber told the South African Broadcasting Corporation.
"He had nowhere else to go, so he jumped over the zoo fence," she added.

I have always liked tigers!


Q) Why does the Kruger National Park nearly the whole length of the Mozambique border?

A) The lions are cheaper than immigration officials.

SA's wildlife has a long and noble history of serving the community. I'm glad to see the principle has rubbed off on the immigrants.


PS Did the report state whether Kaptein Gerber managed to keep a straight face throughout the interview?


Well done tiger

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