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I think I need to have a fundraiser

Boomershoot 2006

Due to the further implementation of a police state in the UK I'm offering British subjects free entry to Boomershoot 2006. Notify me a month early and I will supply the rifle and ammo. Show up a couple days early and learn how to make reactive targets.

It is bad enough probably not being able to afford to get to the States but when nice guys do nice things like this it makes me want to cry, or go and shoot something....

As the man says:

Q: Why does the average Boomershoot participant attend the shoot?"

A: As with some other things that are beyond what our ape-like evolution prepared us for, explosions are, at some level, very odd and curious things. Our brains are programmed to pay special attention to strange and unusual things -- 'magic' things. Explosions invoke that curiosity of magic in our brains. A gun with its 'action at a distance' capability is a magic tool. But at long distances there typically isn't the immediate confirmation that something really happened 'out there'. I change that. By creating a sort of Walt Disney-like world where 'magic' happens, I give the shooter an escape from reality. This is a Magic Kingdom for long range shooters. For one day I give them the keys to the Kingdom where they get to perform their own magic.

Joe Huffman


Bugger. I originally thought this was in the UK. I was all ready to sign up then thought about the wording. Then disappointment hit when I realised it was in the US and not having supplied DNA, body fluids or fingerprints to the man I wasn't going to on this occasion either.

Why don't we do something similar in the UK? Anyone up for it?

Maybe they can do a fundraiser - we "sponsored" a guy from Brazil to come up and ride with a bunch of crazy rec.motorcycle.dirt guys in Idaho last year. He brought the rum! There were various special hoops to overcome (with immigration crap) and a spare bike to find, but people put it into a Pay-Pal pot and worked it out.

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