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The Face of Labour

The Devil's Kitchen puts the boot into a Labour Fuckwit who says things such as:

It terms of low level punishment for low level crimes, it is BETTER to punish the innocent than to let the guilty go free.

Leaving aside it isn't just about the money, to boast of those beliefs in a post call "Why Tony is Right" shows exactly why Tony and his arselickers are wrong.


Can't we ask Joe to sponsor Neil Harding to the Boomershoot. For use as a target. I for one am willing to forgo his most generous offer of free shooting etc to help subsidise this. Just promise me that he will post the video of Mr Harding disappearing in a noisy and spectacular fashion on his website.

The man really is a complete fuckwit. Totally brainwashed by the NuLabour spinmeisters.



Judging by the sheer volume of comments (all negative) and his own last post Neil's given up on this one.


What an absolute 'tard.

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