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Be like Dad, Keep Mum, Careless talk costs lives...

BBC NEWS | UK | Secret retreat marks 60 years of diplomacy

A diplomatic hideaway in the south of England, scene of decades of international deals, is marking its 60th anniversary - quietly.

You won't find Wilton Park on a map.

But the breathless BBC does link to this supersecret hideaway's website - Wilton Park - which notes that "When Wilton Park conferences are not in session, all the facilities and the beautiful historic environment are available for business meetings, management training and away days, and also weddings. " Contact details, Map and even the signs on the road which help you find it are all noted.
Well if that really is the most secretest place our Foreign OFfice can manage I think we can sleep safely in our beds tonight.


This was news to me but the rent-a-mob have known about this place for ages so it couldn't have been that secret.

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