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The Tebbit Test

BBC NEWS | Politics | Tebbit warns of Cameron dangers

David Cameron risks leaving right-wing voters feeling disenfranchised as he tries to shift the Tories to the centre, Norman Tebbit has warned.
Ex-Conservative chairman Lord Tebbit told BBC Question Time it was "dangerous for the democratic system" if the parties looked too similar.

See the problem is that Tebbit went into politics to say what he believed in whereas Blair and Cameron take the advice of marketing experts and employ The Hotelling-Downs Model of Spatial/Political Competition. So much more 21st Century, and if you feel disenfranchised you are some right or left wing nutter.


Damn, I missed question time. To tell you the truth I tend not to watch it that much anymore. I got a bit sick of watching 3 lefties on the panel supported by the baying pack of middle class liberals in the audience all attacking the token right wing guest.
Be that as it may, I've been expecting Tebbit to have a go at Cameron. Wish I'd seen it.

These disatisfied Tories could end up voting for UKIP of course, after al lthey would just be joing the couple of million who did at the last Euros.

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