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Wiltshire Responds to Tony

Telegraph | News | Yobs reply in writing on the wall for Blair

On Tuesday, in a blaze of publicity, Mr Blair arrived in Swindon to announce a raft of eye-catching initiatives on anti-social behaviour and "respect".
As the photographers' lights flashed, he hosed away graffiti on a wall at the Toothill Village Centre.
The Prime Minister's message was emphatic: he was getting tough on antisocial yobs.
The Sunday Telegraph can reveal, however, that in the early hours of Friday morning the yobs delivered their emphatic response: "F*** off, keep off our land Blair" - spray-painted in 3ft-high letters across a 20ft section of the wall...

Oh naughty naughty boys....


Well, like, he come dahn 'ere, like, an', like, wipes out our tags, like 'e owns the place, like, innit. That ain't showin' no, like, respek, innit. 'e's dissin' us, like.

A homey's tag is like 'is property, innit. It's art, like, innit? So we, like, showed 'im, like, some, like, respek, back innit.


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