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Jelly-bellied Flag-flapper.

I note that Bishop Hill: Jelly-bellied flag flapper and Liberal England: Rudyard Kipling answers Gordon Brown and Tim Worstall and Crooked Timber A flag in every garden and Langford Home Page (Pardon?) have finally caught up with a suggestion I have been making for eighteen months:

Last bastion of a scoundrel

A Government that seems to hate Britain and has been systematically destroying the fabric and heritage of this country suddenly now wants to wave the flag. Wonko brings us news of the latest plans such as : Britain's first 'Citizenship...Posted in An Englishman's Castle on August 12, 2005 07:34 AM

Election code word - "Britain"

BBC NEWS | Election 2005 | Election 2005 | Kennedy set to 'talk Britain up' Kennedy set to 'talk Britain up' He joins Gordon "Tax and Waste" Brown in his sudden call for "Britain". Deciphered this word now means that...Posted in An Englishman's Castle on April 11, 2005 07:11 AM

Wrapped in the Flag

BBC NEWS | Politics | Brown outlines 'patriotic vision' A "patriotic vision" of Britain's future will be at the heart of the pre-Budget report, Gordon Brown has said. "The theme of the pre-Budget report will be that the next decade...Posted in An Englishman's Castle on December 1, 2004 08:48 AM

Politicians, Flags and fighting men.

As a little treat today I reread The Flag of their Country - from Stalky & Co. - Rudyard Kipling It must be a hundred years old but the story is of how a politician comes down to a school... Posted in An Englishman's Castle on May 18, 2004 07:57 PM

I'm pleased to see them catching up!

So here we go Jelly-bellied Flag-flapper.


Since my dress sense is at least fifteen years behind the times, I see no reason why my blogging should not be a little tardy too. ;-)

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