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Paedo Panic

David Aaronovitch The Times
The paedophile panic: why we have reached half way to Bonkers Island

...The Mail describes as "one of the most disturbing cases" of all, that of William Gibson. Gibson "the weekend's cause célèbre" was convicted of indecent assault against a minor, but subsequently found to be teaching in a boys school on the south coast. According to reports many of the parents are deeply unhappy with the discovery. Mary Nunn, mother of 16-year-old Darryl, told the Mail how dreadful it all was, and how threatening...

But Gibson's more detailed history was that he had had sex with a 15-year-old girl pupil a quarter of a century ago, subsequently married her and had a child with her. The chances of a Portchester pupil being made pregnant and then wed by this particular maths teacher must be rated as slim. But then, I don't know Darryl.

It’s pretty obvious that Gibson is not a paedophile and is no kind of threat to adolescent boys...

This "one size fits all" approach to Sexual Offenders is mad. Obviously there are some Paedophiles who commit such disgusting crimes that the only suitable punishments I can think of would make Saddam blanch at the severity And with luck being known as a "nonce" in prison will provide them with an opportunity to experience many of them.
On the other hand we read of Jodie Marsh losing her virginity at 14 and don't think of an appalling crime having being committed, we vote Charlotte Church "Rear of the Year" when she has just turned 16 and don't hand all of ourselves in for being kiddy fiddlers. But if you are 16 and bed your 15 year old girlfriend you risk being lumped together with the real pervs on the "Banned for Life" list as a danger. Is that fair and proportional punishment?


I seem to remember that one member of that coven of dole scrounging witches that caused such a stir a few months ago became pregnant at the age of 13 or so. And the father of her bastard was a 38 year old man. Has he been hounded from his job and put on the national register?


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