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Brown's Turkey Army

National Statistics Online

Employment in the public sector rose by 72,000 in the year to September 2005, compared with an increase of 115,000 in the previous year to September 2004.

The largest increases in public sector employment in the year to September 2005 were in health and social work (45,000) and education (25,000). There were also increases in the police service (including civilians) (10,000) and public administration (3,000).

There were decreases in HM Forces (8,000) and construction (7,000).

I'm surprised at the proportion of workers though:

National Statistics Online

Public sector employment in the United Kingdom as a proportion of total employment was 20.4 per cent in June 2005. This was still below the June 1992 figure of 23.1 per cent but above the low point of 19.2 per cent in June 1999.

From 1991 to 1998, public sector employment fell every year, with an overall reduction of 816,000 over that period. From 1998 public sector employment rose every year to 5,846,000 in June 2005. This was 680,000 higher than in June 1998. Private sector employment rose by 1,241,000 (5.7 per cent) from June 1998 to June 2005.

In the year to June 2005 Northern Ireland (30 per cent), Scotland (24 per cent), and Wales (23 per cent) all had higher proportions of their workforce working in the public sector than England (20 per cent).

In England the regions with the lowest proportions of their workforce in the public sector were the South East and the East Midlands (both 18 per cent). In contrast the North East (24 per cent) and the North West (21 per cent) had the highest proportions.

Still that shows a pretty clear picture where England's Taxes are spent...

UPDATE - of course I missed the way thousands of Government jobs are hidden in private contractors and charities...


"There were decreases in HM Forces (8,000)" Apart from the relevant fact this is pretty much the number of troops we have in Iraq it also shows where ZaNu-Labour's priorities lie.

Guess what kids it's not national security!

Employment in the public sector rose by 72,000

They really mean UNEMPLOYMENT in the public sector ;-)

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