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Scenes from An Englishman's Kitchen

olive oil.gif A pre-Elizabeth David bottle of Olive Oil - only available from Chemists - 2 1/2 fl oz (half used) "a fine mild oil for kitchen or table" alongside, for scale, a pound pack of Dripping (half used).

I know someone who will be horrified!


"We are happy, because we eat lard"

Jeez, I can hear the arteries hardening here in California. I do have fond memories of my father, 1st generation American, fixing toast with butter and beans just like his dad had. No lard though, because my granddad said that we were in America now and could afford butter.

I forgot to mention that my dad only made this when my mom wasn't around(food Nazi?).

The image would be very different in my kitchen. A very small piece of butter and a big bottle of olive oil....by the way, it's curious to see a so small bottle of olive oil. Ok, you can tell it. It's a criminal scene...what did you cook? :-)

In my childhood home olive oil was for pouring warm into ears. My old mum still regards cooking with it as opening the door to wooden shoes and popery.

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