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Thundering on The State of The Nation

Britain isn't working - Comment - Times Online

Perceptions about the "state of the nation" tend to change only gradually. In the 1980s the belief that Britain was doomed to decline lingered for some time after the Thatcher reforms had paved the road to economic recovery. Labour, by contrast, has benefited from revived national confidence that Britain had rediscovered the secrets of market-led success. That confidence appears increasingly misplaced. If, as as yesterday's dismal unemployment figures indicate, Britain's actual prospects have become markedly more precarious, there is no wisdom, and much risk, in ministerial attempts to deny that there is serious cause for concern.
The Chancellor is a masterly mythmaker. The past eight years have seen a marked “continental drift” in Britain. Taxes here are now higher than in Germany for the first time in a generation. According to the OECD, which is as objective as any institution, British state spending will swallow a bigger slice of national wealth next year than the famously profligate German welfare state. The myth has currency no more. Britain is in danger of becoming the laggard of a lagging continent.

The supertanker of state is out of control and heading for rocks, and the Lame Duck PM can't do anything and Pilot Brown who wants to take over won't, as it would be admitting his follies...


It's so sad that New Labour have managed to totally scupper the hard (and painful) work the Tories did during the 1980s to get Britain on the road to recovery. The consequences of Blair (The Liar) and Brown (The Stain) will haunt us for generations...

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