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The Traitor's Will

Telegraph | News | Heath leaves 5m to preserve his beloved house

Sir Edward Heath, the first Conservative prime minister from humble roots, left more than 5 million in his will, a record for a British premier.
The son of a carpenter and a maid from a seaside town in Kent, Sir Edward, who died last July aged 89, left most of his 5,410,364 (5,362,240 after liabilities, including funeral expenses) to a charitable foundation in his own name, primarily dedicated to maintaining his own legacy ....He added that the trustees should preserve the house and its contents, including all his papers, saying that he wanted to see "the advancement of education by the facilitation and encouragement of access to and the study... and research of my papers and the publication of the useful results of that research".

5 million - not Euros or Yuan as might have been expected. So shall I apply for a grant to see what results can be drawn from studying his papers, or can I just summarise it in a sentence?

Or is it another poetry competition theme?

Sir Edward Heath
Died fat and rich when he should
have been hanged instead

Your efforts?


I completely agree, Heath was the biggest traitor in the whole of our history.

may he rot in hell where he belongs.

May I just identify with the comments above?

There was a c**t of a PM called Heath
Who should have been kicked in the teeth
Later, he was knighted,
Though our country he blighted,
I'll use my piss as a wreath.

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