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Fettes for the Sweaties, Oil Drum Lane Comp for the English...

Scotsman.com News - 1,000 extra per pupil - so why are our schools not doing better?

MINISTERS were accused last night of failing to deliver improvements in schools despite the fact that state education spending in Scotland is now 1,000 per pupil higher than it is south of the Border.
Scottish Executive figures yesterday showed education spending was 4.2 billion in 2004-5, an increase of 300 million on the year before.
Broken down, that worked out at 3,855 per primary pupil and 5,428 for every child in secondary school. Nationwide, that equates to an average of 4,641 per pupil.
In England, local education authorities will spend 3,411 per pupil in 2005-6, rising to 3,643 the following year.
Spending on state education in Scotland is also edging closer to independent school levels, where the average non-boarding fee in 2004-5 was 5,820.


Spend all you like.

Unless the state masters this simple equation it'll be wasted.

Money in teachers pocket, directly propotional to pupils achivement divided by their potential achievement multiplied by 100.

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